Wrinkles of the City

Who are these people? Are they famous? These were the questions asked when the people of Havana started to notice beautiful works of art appearing on the walls of their community. They wanted to understand the people in the photographs and I could understand their desire to learn what they could about the people on their walls. The elders of a community are vital to a culture, but they always seemed to be overlooked. I think this is a shame. However, I think the photographs proved that these elders are approachable and are willing to be there. The history that they could share with the younger generation about their culture could be vital to the continuation of traditions. 

I believe that art is a powerful tool that can convey messages and can compel people to question. I found it wonderful that the artists photographed the elders of the community because I thought it was symbolic in the way that the walls of the buildings matched the wrinkles on the elders faces. There were obvious struggles in their lives, but the beauty and tenderness that was conveyed through the art on the walls demonstrates that with every struggle that happens in life happiness can be found.


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