Dorothea Lange: Grab a Hunk of Lightning

What I felt most compelled about in the film is Dorothea herself and how she viewed the world. She saw things in a way that I feel people tend to ignore due to what is going on in their lives. She recognized a beauty in the simplest of things and managed to capture them with her camera, but with the ability to see that beauty she was also able to see the horrors of the world around her too. Horrors brought upon by other human beings, but she still managed to her dying day to appreciate beauty and even understood that it was her time to pass. Dorothea was a woman of incredible strength that I myself have never witnessed before, and her photos were able to exemplify the strength of her character.

I found it amazing that Dorothea never considered herself an artist until the end of her life. Anyone that looks at her work would call her an artist, but she really just loved taking photographs of the world and the people within it, whether it was for a job or for her own pleasure. Maybe this is what I need to do for my own work? Begin to see beauty within the world around me and take photos because it makes me happy. Instead of seeing the surface, begin to see what is underneath. Once I am able to begin tapping into this method, I can start to explore just how I want my photos to turn out and what messages I want to convey through my photos.


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