Quiz on Dorothea Lange

What did Dorothea mean when she said of Maynard Dixon,”I should have encouraged him to dip his brush in his own heart’s blood?”

I believe what Dorothea meant when she said this is that she wishes that she had told him to pursue his love of painting and done what he wanted to do instead of painting commercially for money. To paint as much as he wanted and really dig in to something deeper even if it meant using his own sweat and blood because if you really are passionate about something than you will do it day and night no matter what condition. Maynard was at the top of his field and he was the one that taught Dorothea what was important in her own life, but she felt that Maynard was not living by his own advice and I think that made her feel a little sad.

Why did one commentator say this about Lange: ” She probably felt she should have done a better job[as a mother], but she was busy trying to save the world.”

Dorothea became a mother during a very hard time in American history. She was really taking off in her career and she wanted to continue with her photography, but she also didn’t have enough money to support her children so she had to place her children in boarding for 9 months. Plus, it is a very difficult thing to dedicate all your time to your children while really wanting to dedicate all your time to photography so this could be another reason why Dorothea felt she could have done a better job at being a mother. I also found it fascinating that she would capture moments instead of living in them when it came to her children.

What is what one commentator said is”probably the most recognized photograph in American history?”

Probably the most recognized photograph in American history is the “Migrant Mother” or Florence Thompson that Dorothea Lange shot in 1936. I believe the reason this photo had such an impact was because it really hit home that thanks to the Great Depression that even mothers could not do the basic job of the mother and care for her children. This was also a time when the role of the mother was being questioned by Dorothea and she was not the typical ‘mother’ figure of these times. There are so many things that could explain why this photo was so recognized, but I think that Florence was just so raw in her emotions that many people during this time could understand the struggle of what this mother was going through.




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