2nd Environmental Portraits

This task was a little more elaborate in the way that I had to find three subjects to capture doing something in their environments. It was a little tough to capture my subjects while they were told to do their own thing because another stipulation to the assignment was that the subjects were not to be posed but candid. This was a challenge for me in the way that if my subject was moving, I would get blurred images or I would get images that looked posed, but I did my best. I am proud that I tried at this challenge with an open mind.

My first subject was my dad, Raymond Basquez Jr., councilman of the Pechanga Band of Mission Indians. He was a difficult subject because some of his environment was in a building or constantly on the move to talk with a person about some business or another. He was in constant motion so I had to be quick.

My second subject was my friend Alex Maravillas. We carpooled together to Balboa Park to see an exhibit at MOPA, but unfortunately, the museum closed early that day so we decided to walk around,take photos, and grab some food. I didn’t intend for him to be one of my subjects, but it just happened. Plus, it was a pretty awesome trip so it was a good day despite the set back with the museum.

My third subject was my little brother Johnny. He loves playing video games in the living room and I thought it would be interesting to try and capture some photos of him. He is an interesting character, but he really doesn’t like being photographed so I didn’t really focus too much on his face. Plus, the lighting situation was hard and I did have some grain problems, but I tried my best to fix it when I edited my photos.


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