CSUSM Outdoor Photoshoot/Chasing the Light

This outdoor shoot was on my campus at CSUSM, and the target was to chase the light to see what affects this had on the architecture. Once I captured the photos that I wanted, my professor wanted the class to see how color could be pushed in the editing process. For my shoot, I did not get the chance to get a lot of photos because I came late to class, but I also think this pushed me to really be selective in what I decided to capture with my camera. While I was editing these photos, I really fell in love in how I could really change the colors and textures thanks to being able to capture the golden hour of light at sunset. I find it fascinating that one color selection could change the mood of the entire photograph, and I think that I might have found a tentative idea for what I would like to photograph for my end of the semester project.


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