Annie Leibovitz: Life Through a Lens

I have seen this documentary three times, but I still am amazed at the life that Annie has lived and how her life seems to have been one adventure after another. I am always blown away that when I see this film that I find new snippets of wisdom and passion that always drives me in little ways to do something new with my own photography. Maybe change the angle? See the person in a new light? Look at the world in a different way? I always wonder and ask myself how Annie can possibly see the world the way she does and how she can so easily translate it into her photography? To have such a rare and beautiful talent sometimes makes me wonder if I should even continue with my photography, but than I realize that as long as I love photography in my own way than I don’t have to worry. I truly appreciate the details that Annie puts into her work and I hope to try and attempt to pay attention to details in my own photography. I know that one lesson that I continue to appreciate about Annie is to enjoy and treasure life, and I try not to let moments go unnoticed.


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