What Remains: The Life and Work of Sally Mann

Sally Man is a fascinating artist to me in the sense that her work seems to flow smoothly from one project to another, but the film created that sense of transition when these different projects started to arise based on the different events happening in Sally’s life. These projects are amazing in that Sally doesn’t seem to avoid topics that main stream society tends to avoid, but in her eyes are an organic part of life. The growth of children and their natural state of nakedness, human effects on the environment, and the process of death. I personally agree with Sally about the beauty of these topics, and I also don’t understand why America views these topics in such a taboo way. They are a natural way of life and should be appreciated for what they are. I also found it amazing that Sally worked with her old style camera and dark room. I have never used such equipment and just from watching her use hers I don’t know if I could ever do that. Plus, I barely know how to use my digital camera so I give major props to Sally for using the camera that she has.


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